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I’ve been a transit fan at least since 1984, when I was 10 going on 11. Aside from beginning to amass books, models, postcards, maps, transfers, tickets, timetables and all manner of other 10th anniversary bannerstuff, that’s also when I began taking pictures. I can’t say I was very good at the time, but what I lacked in technical skill I hope I made up for in enthusiasm and quantity (even if my subject was mostly buses).

Fourteen years later, while I was a graduate student in Canada, one of my best friends — former classmate and fellow railfan Mike Thidemann — suggested I start a website to share my work with other fans around the world. There was, he informed me, a company called Tripod which offered free website hosting. The rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, we’re still a niche,  or “special interest group” among the transportation fraternity, but Internet offerings for tram enthusiasts have increased tremendously in breadth and quality since my first, fledgling effort hit da Interwebs in 1998.  I’m proud to have been among the first to represent our little corner of geekdom on the ‘Net — and to have done so continuously since that time through uploading photos, essays and reporting. 

While this new blog is meant to supersede the original site, I’ve kinda grown attached to the old electronic rag. So I’m going to keep it around, at least for now. There, you’ll find links to many features developed mostly between 1998 and about 2002, including spotlights on Boston, Pittsburgh, Newark and, of course, my beloved Canadian content.

To visit, just click on either of the banners above.  The first, my “classic banner,” was created from a panoramic shot of a San Francisco Breda LRV taken by another great friend, Torontonian Rob Hutchinson. The 10th anniversary banner was made from one of my own shots, showing a Philadelphia PCC-II car approaching Elmwood Carhouse during a fantrip.



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  1. Great site.

    Could you include a link to
    The Sydney Tramway Museum is Australia’s largest and oldest and has a large collection of Australian and Overseas vehicles, including San Francisco PCC 1014.

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