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News from our British brethren.

Ah, dear readers. Too much time has elapsed since my last post, but such is life. So many positive and interesting developments have emerged in the past two months, and we’ll jump back in with a few happy notes from … Continue reading

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Manchester: Something old, something new on the rails.

This post really is all about the pictures. Railfans have a penchant for spotting the rare, the unusual, especially where liveries are concerned. These photos certainly qualify, as they show what is, to my knowledge, the first and thus far … Continue reading

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A streetcar named Lord Byron: Reflections on a sunny Saturday in Nottingham.

The contrast was remarkable. After Friday’s oppressive rain and cold in Sheffield, Saturday brought clear skies and sun for my visit to the British burgh unfortunately dubbed “Shottingham.” I say unfortunate because whatever issues with crime and violence this city … Continue reading

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Supertrams in the rain.

Five days into my UK visit and I finally got around to riding some trams. Five days into my UK visit and I encountered the worst weather so far. But I’m not going to complain, because the chilling, insistent rain … Continue reading

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Edinburgh news: UN to hear tram complaint; testing begins at Gogar.

Critics who may see the unfinished Edinburgh tramway as a boondoggle of international proportions could be on to something. According to BBC Scotland, A United Nations committee will scrutinise Edinburgh City Council’s handling of the controversial project, with a hearing in Geneva … Continue reading

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Manchester Metrolink extensions delayed by computer glitches.

I’m a few days late in posting this, but here we go again. According to this 9 December report in the Manchester Evening news, “the opening of the next phase of the £1.4bn ‘big bang’ Metrolink expansion looks set to be … Continue reading

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Toronto streetcars in Blackpool?

Readers will please observe the question mark at the end of the post title. But this is not merely my imagination at work, I promise. I was browsing BBC Lancashire’s page tonight when, as happens from time to time, I … Continue reading

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