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SEPTA trolley book to debut in January

Today has not been a happy one for Philadelphia commuters or for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, as SEPTA’s City Division workers  went out on strike after their contract expired at midnight. One hopes that for all involved this strike … Continue reading

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Beautiful on the inside: Preserved Philadelphia PCC car undergoing interior makeover

Stepping inside ex-Philadelphia Transportation Co. PCC car 2743 really is like stepping back in time. For the moment it isn’t quite the right time, but that’s starting to change. Efforts are underway to repaint the 1947 streamlined streetcar’s drab 1980s … Continue reading

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2011 in review: How many blog readers would fit in Fort Macquarie depot?

Happy new year, folks. I really should have posted this WordPress year-in-review report sooner, but better late than never. I especially like that they use the Sydney Opera House as reference point for putting the traffic in context — yes, … Continue reading

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Il y a 25 ans déjà: Recalling my first PCC ride.

Long before I ever came to meet Newark 6 or Philadelphia’s PCCs, there was 4528. Five years ago I wrote an essay for my website marking the twentieth anniversary of my first PCC car ride. I don’t know what’s more … Continue reading

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Preserving a piece of Scranton’s trolley history.

It was one of those eBay items I had to have. That’s why I didn’t place a bid. What was billed as the destination sign from a Scranton streetcar showed up on the Internet auction site a few months ago. … Continue reading

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CNN Go: All aboard Tokyo’s last city streetcar.

Check out this beguiling CNN travelogue dedicated to Tokyo’s “last surviving city streetcar,” the quirky Toden Arakawa line. Even if I weren’t interested in streetcars, you have to admire writer Gianni Simone’s fun, engaging prose,  serving up a colorful description of this holdover … Continue reading

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Trams attracting the masses: Marking 10,000 hits.

Thirteen months after it debuted, the Trams Stop Here blog passed the 10,000 hit mark last weekend — most likely on Saturday, July 30. July also marked the third month in which the blog surpassed 1,000 hits. I’m thrilled with the stats, … Continue reading

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For the love of electricos.

Those little yellow trams certainly seem to be following me. Or calling to me. One week ago, I blogged a tribute to Oliva O’Brien’s blog post — and photography — celebrating Lisbon’s Tram 28 and Castelo de Sao Jorge. It was a … Continue reading

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Cry God for Carris, remodelados and São Jorge.

I am stepping slightly outside of our usual purview — tramways of the English-speaking countries — for this post in tribute to another blogger’s remarkable photos featuring one of the wonders of the tramway world. Then again, I’m not really stepping … Continue reading

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The return of historic postcards.

The golden age of the picture postcard coincided very neatly with the heyday of street railways during the early 2oth Century. Street scenes from communities large and small — and not just tourist attractions — were among the most common subjects.  Not … Continue reading

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