Is this what you PCC fans were looking for?

Hits on this blog spiked noticeably over the past two days. Thanks to the stats provided by WordPress I can discern a definite theme among some of the top search terms: “njt 6,” “pcc streetcars new jersey” and “pcc trolley nj.”

Sadly, folks, I can’t really help those of you who came looking for “1977 queen visits sunderland” or “mayor of manchester speek about streetcars.” No, but I think this should begin to satisfy those of you with a need for Newark:

Ah, yes. Saturday, July 21, 2012 was the inaugural “PCC Car Day” at the Rockhill Trolley Museum in rural south central Pennsylvania. You can find a gallery of more than 50 photos from the day on my Flickr account.

By the time I tucked into bed at my hotel Saturday night, the Newark-related hits already had begun to appear in my blog stats. Not surprising, that, as the event featured rides aboard SEPTA 2743 and Newark City Subway PCC 6. Oh, and as a special guest, Newark PCC 10 was on static display. This confluence of streamlined streetcars at one museum seems to have caught the attention of the enthusiast world, and I’m glad readers started looking to my blog for photos and information. Sorry it took a few days to finally get around to a post on this.

Also in museum service during the day were York Railways 163, Johnstown Traction 355 and Oporto 172, giving the public and PCC fans a nice variety of equipment and photo ops. While the operating cars were the natural stars, the appearance of Newark 10 was a bittersweet bonus. Bound for San Diego, that car currently is undergoing work at Rockhill. Having spent most of its retirement time in storage, car 10 in its worn New Jersey Transit livery was a poignant contrast with car 6 in its vintage Public Service paint scheme.

Personally, the event tied together several topics I’ve blogged about over the past year: Car 6 and its restoration, Rockhill and its fleet and the new heritage PCC operation in San Diego.

Credit to Rockhill’s volunteers for putting on a fun and seemingly successful event. We can only hope that there will be future PCC Days — and perhaps new guest stars — for visitors to enjoy.

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3 Responses to Is this what you PCC fans were looking for?

  1. Christine says:

    I get some funny searches too. One common one is “how to draw the Golden Gate Bridge.”

  2. Matt Nawn says:

    Thank you, Roger for this nice summary of an enjoyable day. This was a very successful event for the museum and we plan to make this an annual event. Glad you could join us!

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