Supertrams in the rain.

Five days into my UK visit and I finally got around to riding some trams. Five days into my UK visit and I encountered the worst weather so far. But I’m not going to complain, because the chilling, insistent rain which largely drenched my visit to Sheffield on Friday actually lent itself to some atmospheric photography. There even were a few dry, bright moments.

The operator of a purple route service has climbed down from the cab of his tram to throw the switch so he can reverse the car at Cathedral. That short-sleeved shirt can't have been very warm.

A shivering clutch of riders waits for homeward-bound passengers to exit car 118 at Middlewood. The rain stopped, but briefly, a few minutes before the car arrived.

Worth a thousand words, 900 of them related to cold. Here, car 120 makes a stop at Fitzalan Square/Ponds Forge. The car wears a special 2010 livery commemorating the 50th anniversary of the abandonment of Sheffield's original trams. The cream and blue tramcars made their last runs in 1960, making Sheffield the final English city to close its original tramway.

Night has fallen. The skies are no longer pouring their contents onto South Yorkshire, but the air remains frigid and damp as car 116 leaves Castle Square en route to Meadowhall.

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One Response to Supertrams in the rain.

  1. Christine H. says:

    Well, I guess it is atmospheric, but i hope you get some nice weather before your visit’s over.

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