Edinburgh news: UN to hear tram complaint; testing begins at Gogar.

Critics who may see the unfinished Edinburgh tramway as a boondoggle of international proportions could be on to something.

According to BBC Scotland, A United Nations committee will scrutinise Edinburgh City Council’s handling of the controversial project, with a hearing in Geneva before the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee. The case was brought by campaigners who believe the tram scheme has resulted in an increase in pollution as construction diverts traffic into residential areas.

According to BBC, the convention was designed to give the public a stronger voice on environmental matters. Compliance committee findings “are not binding but are highly influential.”

Against the background of continuing controversy comes news of a more practical development, namely the commencement of tram testing at Gogar depot. With five of 27 trams on hand from Spain, BBC say, testing of the vehicles at speeds of about 30 mph have gotten under way over 500 metres of track.

For more on the tram testing, see:

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One Response to Edinburgh news: UN to hear tram complaint; testing begins at Gogar.

  1. Christine H. says:

    I am so disgusted by this. It’s not that the tram was the only factor in planning our trip, but it was certainly a highlight. We have given up waiting and will visit Edinburgh in 2012 regardless…but disappointed.

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