Manchester Metrolink extensions delayed by computer glitches.

Flickr user kh1234567890 snapped this shot of Victoria-bound tram 3005 on 9 September 2011 using a Super-Paragon 300mm f5.6 mirror lens. Photo used via Creative Commons license. Click for photostream.

I’m a few days late in posting this, but here we go again.

According to this 9 December report in the Manchester Evening news, “the opening of the next phase of the £1.4bn ‘big bang’ Metrolink expansion looks set to be delayed by a troublesome computer system.”

Yes, that would be the Tram Management System, or TMS. It is designed to map the position of every tram and automatically control points and signals. And it’s the same system which caused major disruption during trials at MediaCity last September, while separate problems also delayed the Chorlton extension, according to MEN. For more on this story, see this BBC report.

Computer glitches aside, this recent Clive Kessell piece for The Rail Engineer gives a broad overview of developments since Metrolink opened nearly 20 years ago.

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