Il y a 25 ans déjà: Recalling my first PCC ride.

A decade before I first rode her on Queen Street, Toronto PCC 4528 is seen making the rounds on the MOUNT PLEASANT line on July 22, 1976, two days before streetcar service ended on this route. In the background is Flyer trolleybus 9327 holding down a NORTOWN schedule. Photo by R.D. McMann, collection of Rob Hutchinson. Click image to visit my 2006 essay about my 1986 ride on 4528.

Long before I ever came to meet Newark 6 or Philadelphia’s PCCs, there was 4528.

Five years ago I wrote an essay for my website marking the twentieth anniversary of my first PCC car ride. I don’t know what’s more difficult to believe — that it has now been a quarter-century since I first stepped aboard a streamlined streetcar or that it has been five years since I sat down to marvel at the amount of time which had passed since that memorable night in Toronto. Time does fly.

It was a brisk fall evening; not too warm, not too cold. Thousands of twinkling white lights outlined the the tower of Old City Hall, that Romanesque pile seemingly dwarfed by glass and steel office towers of greater height but lesser character. Across the way, its futuristic 1960s successor loomed haughtily above Nathan Phillips Square.

Good heavens, was I laying it on thick! The night was magical, however, and its importance to my development as a traction fan cannot be overstated.

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2 Responses to Il y a 25 ans déjà: Recalling my first PCC ride.

  1. Matt Nawn says:

    Great story. I always enjoy the stories of how people took that “first ride”. I’ll never forget my first ride on a P&W (SEPTA) Bullet car.

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