Speaking of Gulf Oil PCCs …

My last post, about the Renaissance of Newark PCC 6, included discussion and a photo of Philadelphia PCC 2168, preserved in Baltimore wearing its 1970s “Gulf Oil” colors.

Look what arrived in the mail on Monday:


Yes, that’s right. Long after I heralded Bowser’s decision to produce an HO PCC in these colors — including 2168 as one of the road numbers, no less — I finally got around to ordering one.

It’s going to be a few days before this car is operational. They don’t come factory lubricated, so a little disassembly and chassis-only breaking in time will be required. In the meanwhile, here sits 2168 beside a traditional metal PCC by Bowser in the later GOH (General Overhaul) livery adopted in the 1980s. That model was a home-painted project using SEPTA logo and striping decals from IHP and destination sign decals from Custom Traxx.

Both of these models represent preserved specimens, incidentally — 2168 at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum and 2709 at the Seashore Trolley Museum. I’m happy to say I have ridden both in preservation.

More about the Bowser model once I’ve had the chance to get it oiled and operating.


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3 Responses to Speaking of Gulf Oil PCCs …

  1. Christine says:

    I look at these and I want them! I must repeat over and over: I do not need a new hobby, I do not need a new hobby…

  2. Christine says:

    But maybe I could just have one on the bookshelf…

    • DuPuis says:

      I believe a limited number of unpowered “souvenir” versions may be available from some sources. Check out Custom Traxx, which sells model trolleys and decals. Probably under other traction items section.

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