Salvation for Edinburgh tram project?

I have not been following the twists and turns of Edinburgh’s long-suffering tram project as diligently as I probably should have. Today seems to be a red letter day, however.

All dressed up and nowhere to go: Edinburgh tram on display in Princes Street, 29 April, 2010. By Flickr user Cowrin, via Creative Commons license. Click for photostream.

In the wee hours of this morning, “Edinburgh council confirmed it had signed a new deal with its main trams contractor, the German engineering firm Bilfinger Berger, to complete the shortened tramline into the city centre,” according to a Guardian report. As the paper aptly put it, the news comes “after months of U-turns, delays, splits and disputes.”

This BBC report summarises the situation by saying that “ministers agreed to reinstate £72m of funding they had earlier withheld,” and that the project is “due for completion by summer 2014, at a cost of £776m.” Said Sue Bruce, Edinburgh City Council’s chief executive: “the real work begins now on getting the line finished and the trams running.”

And that is why my blog post ends with a question mark. Best of luck, Edinburgh.

For more on today’s news, see:

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2 Responses to Salvation for Edinburgh tram project?

  1. Christine says:

    I haven’t been following this very closely lately either, but 2014? I had really hoped to visit next summer and thought it might be done by then. Sigh.

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