Trams attracting the masses: Marking 10,000 hits.

Like this Toronto streetcar, Trams Stop Here seems to be drawing a crowd. Thirteen months after it debuted, the blog surpassed the 10,000 hit mark last weekend. This July 11, 2010 photo by Flickr user thisisfurious (Emily Horne) shows competing throngs of soccer fans commandeering Toronto CLRV 4026 and a Uhaul van, barely visible at left. Photo used via Creative Commons license. Click image for original Flickr photostream.

Thirteen months after it debuted, the Trams Stop Here blog passed the 10,000 hit mark last weekend — most likely on Saturday, July 30. July also marked the third month in which the blog surpassed 1,000 hits.

I’m thrilled with the stats, since it took my original Trams Stop Here webpage (founded in 1998 and currently at 35,000 hits and change) several years (maybe even half a decade) to reach a similar number. And no, readers, other than a few test hits in the early days, those hits are not the result of me sitting in a dark room clicking on my own blog over and over!

The top 10 pages and posts to date are:

Home page 2,898
Bachmann posts Birney, PCC photos 821
A legend reimagined, in N scale. 373
Rochester Subway layout: Bowser field trip takes us from roundy to railroad. 336
September 2010 postcards 313
Surviving ‘trolley parks’ in focus 275
Streetcars: The original culprits behind urban sprawl? 217
Two words: Gulf Oil. (Thank you, Bowser!) 206
About 206
‘Coronation Street’ tram crash update. 204

Posts with a model railroad theme remain, as in the past, a major draw. As trolley modelling also remains a favorite subject of mine, expect to see more posts on that subject.

Early 1900s postcard showing a Kuhlman-built streetcar passing a mounted policeman at an undisclosed location in downtown Rochester. Click and scroll down the page to visit my Aug. 18, 2010 Historic Postcards feature on this vintage view.

Another thread running through several of the top 10 items: Rochester, N.Y. Aside from the fact that it’s my hometown and I’ve written about it several times, I’ve noticed that scores of hits in the past few months have resulted from search terms related to Rochester and its transit heritage. While well below the top 10, my March 31 post about the 70th anniversary of Rochester’s last surface streetcars has attracted several dozen visitors in the past few months, in addition to continuing interest in other Rochester-related posts. With that in mind — and in fulfillment of a longtime personal ambition — I hope to unveil a new project dedicated to Rochester’s long and complex transit history, from horsecars to Regional Transit Service buses, in the near future.

Thank you all for your interest. I sincerely hope you will keep coming back.

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