It doesn’t get more American than this.

In honor of Independence Day, I wanted to find some trolley picture which oozed Americana. Flickr, as is so often the case in my image searches, rose to the challenge in a matter of seconds.

DC Transit PCC 1101 is seen at the National Capital Trolley Museum, Jan. 27, 2008. Photo by Flickr user rockcreek, via Creative Commons license. Click image for photostream.

Observe Flickr user rockcreek’s colorful study of DC Transit PCC 1101’s business end on a brilliant winter day in 2008. Behold: A classic work of American engineering and design, built to serve Washington, D.C.’s bustling transit system and flying the flags of our glorious republic and the District of Columbia in service to visitors at the National Capital Trolley Museum.

This air-electric PCC was built in 1937 by the St. Louis Car Co. Its detail page on the museum’s website can be found here.

God bless America.

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