Pregame for East Penn.

Bachmann N scale PCC in Cincinnati livery makes the rounds on my Rochester Subway-themed layout. It's still very much a work in progress.

Gameday is here.

In the spring of odd numbered years, the East Penn Traction Club sponsors the largest trolley-only model meet in the country (to quote their webpage). It’s a two-day event, this year slated for May 13 and 14 (today).  I’m headed down to Philadelphia later this morning.

This is the 20th meet, but only my second. It’s about the models, sure — and obviously I’m interested in those — but also a great place to find trolley-related books, photos and other memorabilia. It’s heaven for the true traction fan (dare I say chauvinist): At most train shows we have to dig through piles of boxcars and locomotives and the like to find needles among the haystacks.

Not here.

And then there is the obvious draw of the show being held in the home of America’s largest surviving trolley system. There’s a slight drawback this time on that front, though. In 2007 I was able to ride the Norristown High Speed line to the meet at Villanova. The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks is a little less trolley-friendly, but there will be time for that, mark my words …

In the meanwhile, I’ve been getting into the spirit by doing a little test running with my new Bachmann N Scale Cinncinnati PCC. This latest addition to the Rochester Subway-inspired project arrived just the other day.

And we’re off.

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