Trams Stop Here! salutes the royal wedding.

At long last, the great day has arrived.

No, this post has nothing to do with trams. Regular readers of this blog will have noticed by now that I am an Anglophile, and a monarchist. In that spirit, Trams Stop Here! is pleased to issue the following statement in recognition of the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton:

I don’t care about Kate’s hair or dress or what members of the glitterati are in the audience.

I care that two young people are forming a bond which will help ensure the continuation of an institution I happen to believe in, however antiquated or incongruous that may seem.

God bless William and Kate, and may God save Her Majesty the Queen.

Alright, so you want something more on topic? Read this February 2010 Mail story about Her Majesty visiting a tube station and riding trains. Or watch this video, about a Russian motorman who became The Queen’s penpal:

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