Exciting recognition from the U.K.

Blackpool Balloon tram 726 and Twin Car 673 are seen under the depot shed at Rigby Road during my visit of March 11, 2009. Both vintage types are popular with enthusiasts, and feature among the topics regularly covered in the E-magazine Tramways Monthly, which has featured this blog as its website of the month for its issue 24.

Regular readers of this blog know that while I am an American writing in America, I’m also an incurable Anglophile — and that extends to my tramway interests.

I was of course thrilled to learn that Trams Stop Here! has been named Website of the Month in the latest edition of Tramways Monthly: The Worldwide Tramways E-Magazine. You can find their kind description of my humble efforts on page 34 of the magazine’s issue 24, available here as a PDF.

Launched in February 2009, the magazine is essentially the work of a number of relatively young enthusiasts and their generous contributors. Speaking not just as a fellow enthusiast but also as a newspaper professional, the production values are impressive: Crisp, timely copy and high-quality images are presented to maximum effect thanks to colourful and engaging page layouts.  In addition to a dynamic website and monthly PDF publications, Tramways Monthly also maintains a Twitter account to deliver breaking news about heritage and modern operations.

Cheers to Jack Gordon,  Andrew Waddington and their contributors for creating a stylish publication which successfully employs multiple platforms of modern communications technology to bring the story of an evolving transportation technology to a worldwide audience spanning generations.

And thanks for the plug, mates!

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