A follow-up on Manchester cenotaph post.

A few interesting updates regarding my March 9 post on a proposal to relocate Manchester’s city centre war memorial to make way for tram expansion plans:

  • First, a nod to James McCollom and the good folks at the Manchester Transport blog, who provided a link to my post in their own March 9 post on the subject

    Manchester Metrolink M5000 Flexity Swift tram 3006 at St. Peter's Square, Nov. 15, 2010. Photo by flickr user Stuart Grout via Creative Commons license. Click image for photostream.

  • That Manchester Transport post also provides a link to this report to Manchester City Council regarding the proposed tram layout at St. Peter’s Square.  Check out this image from the report, as extracted to accompany MT’s blog post.
  • Following its own report, the Manchester Evening News posted a web poll asking readers whether the cenotaph  should be moved to make way for a new tram line. As of now (9 p.m. March 13 in the eastern U.S.), the vote appears to be 69 percent opposed to 31 percent in favour (although it doesn’t seem to say how many people have voted). Click here to see the poll, and related comments.
  • Gareth Prior’s British Trams Online blog included this post about the issue.
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