Pols back Adelaide tram extension

Politicians in Adelaide, South Australia, have expressed support for extending the tram network into the suburbs of North Adelaide and Prospect, according to this article in the City North Messenger newspaper.

One of Adelaide's modern Flexity trams at Glenelg, 2007. Photo by Flickr user DrewOtt (Andrew Moor) via creative commons license. Click image for photostream.

City Council officials see the extension as a means of easing traffic congestion and serving crush load crowds attending events at the Adelaide Oval sports ground, according to the article by reporter Lisa Bachmayer, with officials eyeing a tram route running up King William Road and through O’Connell Street.

For information about the modern system, visit the Adelaide Metro website. For more information on the region’s transport history, visit the excellent Adelaide Tramway Museum website. I also wrote a little about the history of Adelaide’s tramways in September 2010 as part of my erstwhile Wednesday Postcards feature.

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3 Responses to Pols back Adelaide tram extension

  1. AndyP says:

    Hi Roger
    You started to follow me today on Twitter so I thought I’d check out your site, and I’m glad I did. Although I live in the UK I have relatives in Adelaide and have visited several times and ridden the trams out to Glenelg. (I preferred the old ones!) So it was a coincidence that you had a blog post about it when I landed on your site. My father is a retired railwayman so as a result I’m more interested in railways to be honest, however I do have a fondness for trams too. But ultimately as a Green I have much support for tram and railway systems to provide greener methods of travel. Leeds was meant to be getting a Supertram but eventually government funding was withdrawn and the scheme axed. It had been in the planning ever since I moved to Leeds in 1990 and I hoped one day to see it come into service and use it. But alas it seems unlikely now.

    Anyway keep up the good work and best wishes.

    • DuPuis says:


      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for the follow. I am, as you probably have gleaned, both a tram enthusiast and an Anglophile who lives in America. I’ve not been to Leeds, but did enjoy the Supertram system in Sheffield. It would have been nice to see Leeds build its own, but perhaps someday that will happen. I have read about the grand old Leeds tram network of yesteryear, and rode one of the preserved Leeds cars at the National Tramway Museum in Derbyshire.

      I’ve not been to Australia yet, but perhaps someday.

      Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to following your Tweets.

      Roger DuPuis

  2. AndyP says:


    It’s ironic that the Sheffield Supertram is considered a bit of a “white elephant” because it doesn’t really go where anyone wants to go! (A bit like the JTA Skyway in Jacksonville, Florida!) Yet it was built, while Leeds is unlikely to ever get a supertram system despite being a bigger city, and having very good proposed routes in the scheme. Manchester also has a good system which uses a lot of old railway lines that had closed. I’m glad you managed to visit Crich Tramway Village, I went many years ago as a kid, and I believe they have extended the line since then. Maybe I should relive my youth and take my step-kids there. 😉 They are American so I doubt they will have experienced anything like that. Anyway here’s some info and photos about trams in Leeds. There’s lots more but here’s some stuff I found with a quick browse…

    Leeds Supertram

    Leeds original trams

    Leeds: Oakwood. 1950s.

    Middleton Railway, Leeds.

    Cheers, Andy

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