Tramway upgrade continues at Blackpool.

This article from today’s Blackpool Gazette reminds us how large is the scale of renovations under way on the seaside resort’s famous tramway.

North Albert Street, Fleetwood.

This Dec. 30, 2010 photo by Flickr user Anthony Mckeown (AnthonyMck), shows tram track renewal works in North Albert Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire. The seaside town is the northern terminus of the famous Blackpool tramway. At left is a popular local eatery, The Trafalgar seafood restaurant. I can personally recommend the fish and chips. Photo used by Creative Commons license. Click to view original image on Flickr.

In the time-honoured fashion of local journalists everywhere (myself included), the article notes how a major construction project has neighbourhood merchants concerned about loss of business while the work is in progress. In this case — unlike most such stories — the work in question is a tram project as opposed to the standard road improvement scheme, but the general outline is familiar.

With due respect to the business owners of suburban Cleveleys, I posted this article rather because it gives another snapshot of the massive undertaking at Blackpool (Blackpool Transport’s website gives an idea of the widespread diversions), where £100m in tramway upgrades will prepare the line for conversion to modern light rail operation. This Rail-News.Com article from last summer gives an interesting look at technical aspects of the work.

The line is said to be set for reopening later this year (some suggest partial service could resume at Easter), with the new Bombardier Flexity 2 LRVs arriving this summer for formal introduction in 2012.

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