Tramiau a argymhellir ar gyfer Caerdydd.

A new report issued by a Welsh think-tank outlines proposals for a £2.5 billion metro network linking Cardiff with the surrounding region.

That report, “A Metro For Wales’s Capital City Region” by the Institute of Welsh Affairs, can be purchased in hard copy or as a digital download here. For those of you a little closer to Cardiff than I am, the agency has scheduled a conference, “End of the Line – Economic regeneration and rail connectivity in southern Wales,” for 10th February, 2011 at City Hall in Cardiff.

The report is not solely focused on trams, but calls for a Metro network combining electrified heavy rail and light rail. The scheme is, of course, is dependent on the electrification of the Great Western Main Line to Swansea.

“Leading city regions in the UK such as Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and Edinburgh are pushing ahead with the development and expansion of modern urban transit systems to boost their economies,” IWA wrote, suggesting Cardiff should do the same. The group also notes the high number of commuters currently using private transportation to access the Welsh capital.

“Today, in Wales, over 100,000 people commute into Cardiff and Newport from neighbouring authorities, mainly by car,” IWA said.

For news coverage, see these articles, all dated 1 Feb., 2011:

Our post title, as you may have guessed, is in the ancient Brythonic tongue still spoken by more than a half-million Welsh.

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One Response to Tramiau a argymhellir ar gyfer Caerdydd.

  1. LD says:

    I’ve just read the full detail of exactly what they are proposing in the published report, and it seems like a top notch scheme, although the electrification of the lines leading into cardiff city centre that they propose have a large number of logistical roadblocks. As a resident of Cardiff City Centre, i’d be very interested in seeing exactly where they seem the tram lines being put in. There is no logical route that comes to mind. I assume they have a large number of well-paid think-tanks who come up with those ideas!

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