Bachmann posts Birney, PCC photos

Unpainted test specimen. Click links in post for painted cars.

Bachmann’s website now features photos of its new HO scale Birney safety cars in five paint schemes, as well as photos of several new paint schemes for the company’s line of PCC and Brill trolleys.

Today appears to have been the debut for photos of painted examples of Bachmann’s new single-truck Birney safety cars. Here is the page for their Third Avenue Railway Birney. Other schemes listed are Philadelphia, Baltimore, Sacramento and New York & Queens. It’s not clear whether the cars are actually available yet; a survey of several dealers’ websites shows some still expect the cars this month, while others suggest they may not be available until January.

Still, this is exciting news for traction modelers, and the cars look attractive in the basic photos provided. As with Bachmann’s HO Peter Witt cars, the working trolley poles appear a bit poorly proportioned, but that is a minor point — and indeed, modelers who use live overhead often fit their own poles.

Meanwhile, for N scale modelers, Bachmann earlier this week posted images of several new paint schemes for its classic PCC and Brill trolleys: Cincinnati and Kansas City for PCCs and TARS and New Orleans (Desire) for the Brills (the latter two schemes also available in HO).


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4 Responses to Bachmann posts Birney, PCC photos

  1. Jeff Marinoff says:

    Are there any plans for Bachmann to make large scale Birney or PCC street cars? Also large scale Brill street cars. It would be awesome if Bachmann did this. I and many other people are in “G” large scale. I purchased the Bachmann large scale single truck {open and closed} street cars that they made years ago. In fact, I have a few of each paint scheme, including the special Hershey’s and Christmas cars.

    • DuPuis says:


      Hello, and thanks for writing. I have not yet read of any plans by Bachmann to do Birneys or PCCs in large scale. That said, they have done the Peter Witts in HO and O — and soon N — which, as other observers have suggested, is a promising sign that they are finding traction profitable and may be persuaded to do other models in multiple scales as well. It might not hurt to drop them a line letting them know of your interest. The more of us they hear from the better.

      • Don says:

        Yes, Bachmann made a good start in trolley models. We would like to see some nice Brill (e.g. New orleans) trolleys in HO and O (2-rail) from the Spectrum line (not the toy Brill from their generic product line). In my humble opinion, the appearance of Brill trolley is more classy than the Peter Witt.

        For large scale, you already have Hartland making the Birney, and LGB who made the Brill (discontinued–search youtube for “LGB new orleans”). I am not sure if Bachmann is ready to jump into it, but youll never know.

  2. scott pacini says:

    the bachmann are really nice, small and built very nice, i seen one already at the hobby store i visit, the only thing is the price that is wrong, when bachmann came out with the peter witt street cars it was the same thing. now you can buy them well under 99.00 dollars mostly any where, just wait a while and i think the same thing will happen with the birney saftey street car. i just think they are way over priced. they are small and can travel around the tight turns of your track. sincerly scottrick

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