Ah, to be in Blackpool.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice I haven’t had much to say about one of the biggest events in the tramway world this year.

Blackpool car 4 of 1885, as seen at Crich Tramway Village, Derbyshire, in March 2009. While it was unable to make the trip to Blackpool for 125th events, many vintage cars from across Britain did participate.

It’s not for lack of interest that this is my first post dedicated to celebrations marking the 125th anniversary of Britain’s first — and last surviving — first-generation electric street tramway. Alas, I am not in Blackpool at the moment. My plans to visit England this year to partake in the festivities sadly proved impractical, and I doubt I’ll be getting there before the 2010 season is over. Then, too, there are a lot of really top notch enthusiast sites who are covering the heck out of all the 125th events, and I’ve really nothing to add to it all at the moment.

Alas, the great day — 29 September, 2010 — has come and gone, along with it a parade of vintage trams and other festivities. Here is coverage from Blackpool’s hometown paper, The Gazette, together with a 2-minute video. BBC news, meanwhile, offered this report on the day of the event, coupled to this nice selection of historic photos.

Among those top notch sites I mentioned:

Like the tramway itself, many of these sites cut across the generations. These electronic publications and the dedicated enthusiasts who maintain them offer hope that even as Blackpool’s traditional tram system is reborn as a light rail network, its heritage will continue to be preserved on paper, online and in the form of lovingly maintained vintage vehicles.

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