Tram crash puts new Manchester spur out of service.

Good news and bad news this week for Manchester’s Metrolink tram system. 

Via Share This function on MEN website.

On Monday, Sept. 20, trams began operation over the new MediaCityUK spur off the Eccles line, as shown here. The happy event was described by the Manchester Evening News.

The following night, however, a tram derailed at Harbour City, striking a pole and damaging overhead, as noted by BBC News.

As reported in more detail by MEN, apparently there were no injuries among the tram’s 40 passengers. The cause: Apparently “a suspected points failure” (or a faulty switch, for my American readers.) The result: Shutdown of the entire Eccles line until the next morning, traffic chaos and (at this writing anyway, early on Sept. 23) the MediaCity spur remains closed for further repairs.

The comments on the second MEN story are well worth a read. Amid the usual rants are some interesting (albeit unverified) observations about signalling and operational practices.

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2 Responses to Tram crash puts new Manchester spur out of service.

  1. James McCollom says:

    I’ve attempted to show what may have happened after having visited the new line on Monday. Great blog btw – will be following!

  2. I thought Trams Stop Here! readers might be interested in a couple of MediaCityUK initiatives I started nearly 4 years ago starting with the MediaCityUK photographic timeline journal. I work as an IT Manager in Salford Quays, very close to the Peel Development.

    There are currently 15,500 photos taken from May 2007 to present day providing an intimate view of the build from the first digger on-site in June 2007, the erection of all the cranes and all the various buildings that occupy the space that was once grassland. Pictures have been taken from the Imperial War Museum North, Designer Outlet and Broadway at the back of the development site.

    Detailed Timeline :

    Abridged Timeline (Higher Res) :

    This timeline is linked to a group on the professional networking site, LINKEDIN. This group currently has 1965+ members and I post the latest photos, news, jobs and approve discussions on the group regularly.

    Along with this initiative, I also started a MediaCityUK thread on the forum (for Manchester) which has now had 270,000 hits from readers and posters. I post my latest pictures here also (aka NonStopMark avatar) and of course, members can also post their pictures and views on the build:

    I had the idea when taking pictures of Salford Quays on a blue sky day, for my website at . I liked the idea of charting such a significant development from the ground up and maybe learning a little about mass scale construction and some of the techniques employed.

    There were certainly moments when I got a little obsessive and took a few hundred shots a month and conversely, moments when I thought I should stop altogether but I am glad I didn’t. I am a big fan of Salford Quays and have worked in the area for 15 years as an IT Manager for a Software House off Broadway. I have even themed our website at on the general area using the colour tones and pictures I have taken.

    I will almost certainly carry on taking the pictures until the end of phase 1 at the end of next year. The link always redirects to the current month to provide easy access to the most recent photos I have taken. Then, if I still work in the Quays, I may carry on taking pictures for subsequent phases as part of my lunch coffee run to the Lowry and Designer Outlet.

    I think the MediaCityUK site represents a great opportunity for media companies to reside and also boosted by the kudos and potential affiliation with both BBC North and the University of Salford media faculty which has just announced 39 new courses for media study. This will provide appropriate cross pollination for the site and also encourage media study in Salford and surrounding areas.

    More information about the timeline can be found at my website at this link:

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