Tram services back in operation on Altrincham line – Manchester Evening News

Altringham-bound tram I snapped during my March '09 visit.The Manchester Evening News reports that tram services were back in operation on Altrincham line Thursday morning after several days out of service due to overhead wire damage on Monday.

“The exact cause of the damage has still not been revealed by GMPTE,” the paper reported, and an investigation into the incident is under way.

Hmm. I wonder if people strolling around with Mylar balloons could have damaged the wires?

For the non-Brits out there, the ‘c’ in Altrincham is pronounced much like a ‘g,’ as in “Altringham,” though I suppose that may have evolved from an “ink” sound, as in “Altrinkam.”

Here are a few more articles about the chaos which ensued for Manchester commuters this week, courtesy of BBC News (with nice pic of new trams), Another MEN piece (nice pic of old trams) and the GMPTE news release.

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