Stop the presses: Big news for Motor City LRT.

According to a report this afternoon by the Detroit Free Press, the Motor City’s “Mayor Dave Bing is scheduled to hold a news conference Monday with U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood regarding Detroit’s nascent effort to build light rail up Woodward Avenue.”

To get a sense of what could be in Detroit’s future, check out the following video demo from 2008:

I do think it’s interesting that the newspaper’s web headline ends with a question mark: “Bing to reveal light rail plans?” As the paper puts it, “officials remained tight-lipped about the news conference.” How very like politicians: Leak just enough to get the media’s attention, but not so much to dilute TV’s interest in your dog-and-pony press conference. How very like a good newspaper to all but break the story, while cautiously hedging with a question mark and phrases like “Bing has signaled.” Kudos to the Free Press.

Of course, I doubt the ‘Freep is making a huge leap. As I begin this post shortly before midnight on Friday, July 30, the home page carries the following message: “A major announcement regarding the future of light rail in Detroit will be made Monday, August 2, 2010. Check back for details!”

Hardly sounds like a group that’s expecting the feds to shoot down their request come Monday, now does it?

Preserved Detroit Peter Witt streetcar.

Detroit’s original streetcar system closed in 1956. For more information about the history of Detroit transit, visit Detroit Transit For more information about contemporary Detroit transit issues and advocacy, see Transportation Riders United.

Can’t wait to see what Monday brings.

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