Rochester subway layout update

I’ve made some progress on the N scale layout project over the past week, including:

  • Spray-painted the table top a pleasing shade of green. Of course I intend to cover most of it with track, buildings, roads and ground cover, but it’s a good base to work with.
  • Acquired a new Bachmann PCC car in St. Louis colours. The red, cream and white livery strikes me as a could-have-been — that is, sufficiently close to Rochester’s subway and bus liveries of the 1950s to imagine that RTC might have painted PCC cars like this. Ultimately I hope to have several cars in these colours, ideally wearing custom logo decals. The new car joins two other Bachmann PCCs on the layout, a Toronto car and the green-and-cream Philadelphia car which was my first ever piece of N-scale rolling stock back in 2007.
  • Acquired a Walthers Merchants Row III storefront kit to serve as the focal point of structures on the layout. Step one of assembly proved to be one of the easiest kit building experiences I’ve ever had. Tonight I sprayed on a coat of grey primer in preparation for painting. Thinking about what kind of businesses I’d like to represent in its three storefronts. Constructing the corner turret will be the next challenge, though not, I hope, an insurmountable one.
  • Waiting on a Tomytec Art Deco Japanese movie theater kit I purchased on eBay. I’ve been choosing buildings carefully to resemble structures that actually exist in Rochester — or America, for that matter. The main station building is another Tomytec structure, but the architecture bears a striking resemblance to the actual Rochester subway station canopies and easily passes for an early 20th century American commuter or transit station. The movie theater doesn’t look like anything on Lake Avenue, but it does vaguely remind me of the Cinema Theater on South Clinton Avenue at South Goodman Street, steps away from the original Rochester subway.
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