“Light rail for Winnipeg.” Or “light rail for Winnipeg?”

I haven’t followed the rapid transit saga in Winnipeg. But based on this breaking news story published yesterday by the Winnipeg Free Press, city council there voted 10-4 “to approve a plan to incorporate flexible streetcars into the city’s long-term transportation plan and continue to seek federal funds to complete the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor as a streetcar corridor.”

Point one: This seems to heat up a conflict between the city and the province, which favours a busway in the corridor.

Point two: Am I missing something, or does it seem that nowhere in this has anyone actually committed to build anything? Several comment posters seem to make that point, and from my limited read on the situation, I would have to agree.

The paper’s accompanying online poll is amusing. It asks, “which rapid transit option do you prefer?” With 2,779 votes when I looked, the tally was 19% bus rapid transit, 41% light rail, 15% streetcars and ‘genuine, bona fide, electrified, 6-car monorail!’ garnered 24%.

To which I ask: Is the poll-writer being an idiot or a smart ass?

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