Man shot on Philadelphia trolley; woman, child hurt

As seen on the video here, Philadelphia’s notorious culture of street violence spilled over onto a Route 13 trolley on Sunday night.

According to local media, a man was wounded and a 3-year-old girl (the Fox report says it was a boy; I’m going with the others) was hurt after a gunman opened fired aboard the car at at 57th Street and Chester Avenue. Police said a 20-year-old man was shot in the groin. The little girl, tragically, was injured in the ensuing chaos when she and her mother were knocked down by passengers trying to escape the shooter.

The little girl reportedly was taken to a hospital in stable condition, while the gunshot victim was hospitalized in stable condition.

Here’s where the story grows even more depressing: Local media reported no suspects were in custody. And as I scanned Philly area news reports, it was equally obvious that there seemed to be no word on what the motive may have been. It’s now two days later, and I can’t find any media mention of arrests.

A man opens fire on a public transit vehicle, escapes and no one (at least in the media) seems to know why or where he might have gone. Drugs? Gang warfare? Neighbourhood vendetta? Take your pick.

On a personal level this is frightening because I’ve spent a lot of time railfanning the Philadelphia trolley system, which is one of my favourites . Typically I don’t spend much time doing that at night. But more importantly this is a grim reminder of the daily violence which plagues Philadelphia and too many other American cities — terrorizing the people who live, work and commute there.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims. Hoping they catch the cowards.

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